Friday, May 8, 2009

Bang-galore (hah!) Blues

Ok, so this doesn't even merit the usual exultation, "Whoopee! 3-point alliteration - she scores", but it is apt. If only jjust. It's funny how some people (read:ME, except, since facebook's idea of a Rorschach Test has diagnosed yours (all of us) truly as being decidedly Schizophrenic, 'we're' never sure who you - yes you, all of you, if you prefer {see how many syntactical problems this poses?} - will be hearing from at any given moment, I/we/she/that other one we call 'the other one' decided to give the First Person personal pronoun the skip, in as much as is possible) tend to work more when they're on 'holiday', ostensibly, than when they're sitting in an office (yes, even we academic-type things have little coves full of books and blather that can vaguely be called 'offices', before you conjure visions of 'cubicles' and computers at aforementioned utterance), again, ostensibly, to DO that "work". In this case, I've (sparing you the I've/We've/She has and c., see?) been in Bangalore for a week, and have made more headway on editing a manuscript for publication than I've been able to make in 2 months of working on the bloody thing. Maybe it's just that the weather is kinder here; maybe all this Andhra food agrees with me; then again, it could merely be that I've been waking up earlier here (so that Jayawant can drop me off to Yelahanka before he makes that long, winding, tedious, godawful trek to Whitefields {aside: WHY is it called White-FIELDS if it's full of buildings and malls, with ne'er so much as a tree in sight, leave alone fields of gold/white or otherwise? Curiouser and curiouser this gets, as a certain Alice we all know would doubtlessly say}) than I ever have back 'home', where my kind Ph.D. guide allows me to loll around and haul ass to campus only by midday. I don't know. Either way, doing all this work while I'm meant to be chillaxing the fuck out is bothering me. Hence the title. At least there's Woodstock by CSN playing in the background (and NO. It isn't CSN & Y - I know what I'm - at least one of 'us' does, anyway - on about). 
I guess where this rather pointless exercise in keeping track of punctuation and syntactical changes is going us out, won't you? We tend to meander - this we have in common.
On another note, I saw Kryptos again last night, and they were splendid. They are, without a doubt, THE best Metal band in the country right now. They were playing at a Maiden Tribute gig yesterday, in anticipation of the release of 'Flight 666' today - review, duly, will be posted here soon enough. They were easily the best band last night - oooohhh! Wooden Ships just came on  - DANG, I love that song! - and had the crowd eating out of the palms of their hands. Gig in Mysore on Saturday, which Mel, Hazel and I are tagging along for. I think what makes them such a treat for me to watch/hear is that they're clearly passionate about their music - no half-way measures. They give it their all every last time. Catch them if they come play anywhere near you, and you'll see what I'm (it might appear to some, needlessly) carping on about. The reason this rather obvious 'fact' hits me that much harder is because I have, necessarily, to play covers, not all of which I'm kicked about. To see someone stay true to their creed is rather pretty, in my humble opinion. *jaded/faded/wistful grin* (big and toothy, all the same)
Anywhoo, the weather cheered me up enough to write this essterday, when Aditinath Sarkar sent me some gorgeous poetry (VERY Ramanujanesque):

On a close and pregnant summer's day,
My heart, it leapt with joy - 
I wished for rondelles and enjambements;
New whims for old toys.