Monday, May 21, 2012

Foxy Lady - no, really

You know I'm talking about you, Hazel Karkaria. Who else could it possibly be?

Since you insist on giving till it hurts - yes, there's no other way
Since you will nurse for it is what you know how to do,
Since you will give of yourself till there's scant left for you (or me)
Since no Squish or Dio or Brownz will ever go orphaned till there is you,
I doff my hat - my heart - to you.

Every day a little bit more than the sum of a staggering legacy,
You make life worthwhile; hiding behind your squish, even as he once hid behind you.

I hope you'll always love till your heart breaks
And that you'll love again - as fiercely - as before.
Also, that I come back as a puppy or kitten or squirrel in another life; so you will love me more.

Hang in there. You have no choice.
Another Squish will need you soon.


Hazel said...

I have no words. mane radaav na.
love you.

Harmony Siganporia said...

But I mean it. I want to come back as your puppy-designate. You're the best thing that happened to this planet since sliced bread. You live humanity; I only fucking preach it. You're an inspiration.

Hazel said...

too much credit you give me. it means a lot, a lot. I do hope I live up to everything you said. love.